Revolutionising Your Customer Experience

Did you know that – according to a 2019 survey by Deloitte – 40% of the entire gift market consists of personalised products? No? Well, now you do! And to profit from this popular trend, you need to find ways of engaging your customers while on your website or eCommerce store – and we have the answer. Live Product Preview. This is the revolutionary way for customers to see their personalised product live in front of their eyes, with a completely editable product depicting exactly how the product will look once printed on-demand and delivered.

You only have to look to huge retailers like Prezzybox, who have harnessed our powerful technology where we have helped to boost conversion rates by up to 60%. Read the full story here.

Giving your customers the ability to preview and edit their personalised product in real-time has been shown to increase the sale of products massively, with the strong visualization of a product being a strong persuasive factor that leads to more sales and less baskets left open. Custom Gateway have created SmartLinks, which are plugins for your eCommerce website. These give your customers the ability to implement their own personalised products and take advantage of the tried and tested platform we offer.

In short, live product preview gives your products the edge with:
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Efficient customer experience
  • Add unique products with little effort
  • Enables the automatic generation of artwork
  • Reduced product returns
  • A trending feature of eCommerce
But why is Live Product Preview so successful? Watch our exclusive webinar to find out:
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