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In light of these challenging times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is quite hard to always keep positive, as many businesses struggle to keep their heads above water, so we wanted to do our bit to share some ideas and opportunities to help “on demand” businesses keep moving forward, despite the difficult trading conditions.

At a time when the focus is (quite rightly) keeping people safe, it makes us feel a bit guilty thinking about business opportunities, but we have been fortunate at Custom Gateway that we are used to working remotely, so our day to day operations have remained largely unaffected and we are keen to share something positive and constructive to try and support our customers and the wider business community.

With many governments providing unprecedented financial support, we are hopeful that consumer demand will not be too badly affected and as eCommerce Websites & Online Marketplaces will be just about the only way to buy products there should be some very good opportunities to aim at.

The great thing about being involved in the on demand economy is that you can respond almost instantly and change strategy when needed – very handy in today’s uncertain climate.

From tomorrow onward, we plan to share a specific idea or opportunity each day covering different business areas that we can see are working – here are a few examples. Please visit our blog, follow us on social media or subscribe to keep updated:

  • For some online retailers Mother’s Day broke all records as people needed to change their shopping habits – we think Easter could go the same way
  • Amazon are taking on extra staff and have stopped doing FBA – should you be listed your products on market places
  • New products – there are lots of great new product ideas coming from anti bacterial liquid screen protector for phone cases to branded personalised chocolate like M&Ms / Celebrations that will help get people smiling

You can now read all of these, and many more helpful articles on our blog, here

Almost all of our integrated shipping partners and most of our connected network partners are reporting business as usual, so there are still ways to drive your business forward. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss how to harness on demand products to help your business.


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