Fashion trends have never been the same since the inception of the likes of Instagram and more recently, TikTok – the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store ever (yes, ever!). These social platforms have not only encouraged but accelerated the rate at which trends come and go.

App users, nowadays, are likely to be greeted with something entirely new each and every time they open the app. This is all part of social media’s dependency upon novelty and newness. If people are seeing the same people, the same trends, the platform will grow stagnant and people will move elsewhere.

TikTok is very much aware of this, and thanks to over 1 billion monthly active users, originality is constant. 

Most recently, Gen Z users of the video-sharing app have gone viral, sharing their 90s inspired outfits, building upon a growing trend to harken back to the fashion trends of the era before them. This sub-culture has expanded into a growing economy for throwback fashion. 

You only have to open the app to see anything from high-rise jeans to baggy sweaters, cropped cardigans to knee-socks making a comeback. Even so-called legacy brands like Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, Champion, and Ellesse are reaping the rewards of their classic back catalog, seeing sales soar. 

On a wider scale, because of the pandemic, the amount of time spent on digital media has increased 15% last year from 2019 to 7 hours, 50 minutes daily – according to a report by eMarketer. Places like TikTok are the place to be, so how can the biggest brands and retailers capitalize on these trends and meet the demands of consumers on all fronts? 

With KornitX, brands are able to harness a new solution to fashion production, harnessing on-demand production technologies. This means products are only produced once they’ve been bought, and eliminates waste rather than exacerbates the problem.

This solution gives brands untold reactivity to up and coming trends, meaning that the standard 6-8 weeks for design approval & 6-8 months for product approval will be slashed incredibly to hours or days 

So, if your brand is looking to bring 90s products back to the future, the time to harness our revolutionary platform is now.  

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