Traditionally most embroiders have sent off artwork files for digitisation and although a skilled digitiser is still better than just a computer we think our new online service can save companies a lot of time and money by auto digitising online

The system generates an editable EMB / DST file & PNG Preview from an uploaded image. In most cases this will then only require minor modification before starting work. 

  • We support the following file upload formats PNG, GIF, TIF, PSD, JPG, JPG.PDF & EPS
  • We can auto remove artwork background
  • Scale artwork to fit a specified width and height:
  • The example file above took 2 seconds to generate online
  • You can try a demo for yourself at PRINT-iT Digitizer.
  • Costs just £1.99 per file

Now fully integrated with our Gateway OMS we can provide the following services as part of your workflow

  1. Customer Uploaded Logos and Text from eCommerce Websites – are available as realistic on screen preview before customers purchase helping drive conversions
  2. Customer Uploaded Logos and Text from eCommerce Websites – are auto digitised and delivered as EMB files for editing or for production in our Order Management System
  3. Print on Demand for Embroidery – preset up your designs and our software delivers the EMB file to your machine ready to start work everytime somebody orders

More Examples





Key Business Benefits

  • Can be added to any product or garment in your CPP database
  • Converts more orders online as people can see what they are buying
  • Reduces returns as people can see in advance how their logo will work
  • Reduces costs as even if file not 100% ready to embroider will save your digitiser lots of time as files can be edited
  • Text jobs can go straight to the machine
  • Pre-digitised clip art library can be added
  • Reduces the cost of sale for smaller orders – making them viable


FREE software available to view, modify, read and convert all major embroidery file types with full design scalability. Can also be upgraded from as a little £99 to enable ability to recolor designs based on colorways,and provide extensive garment and hoop display options

Click here to download


Cost Overview

  • £1.99 per digitized image & text
  • £0.50p digitized text only
  • FREE – preview only
  • Basic Editing Tool – £99.00
  • Full Digitization Suite – £899

Other Added Value Services