We Are The Engine That Powers On-Demand Production

We manage the entire process, from creating an order, through to production and shipment, utilizing our software platform and Global Fulfillment Network

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Solutions for Fulfillers

KornitX opens the door to new revenue streams for fulfillers, through front-end selling tools, back-end order workflow and integrations with top eCommerce, shipping & accounting services.

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Solutions for Brands

KornitX gives global brands and retailers the ability to produce exactly what is needed, when it’s needed, reacting faster to trends, eliminating markdowns and drastically reducing waste.

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See the benefits of on-demand manufacturing in action

Knowledge is power. Learn more about how KornitX is transforming the industry with the power of on-demand manufacturing, and how you can join us in creating a greener and more sustainable future for the fashion and textiles.

“The KornitX workflow allows us to connect with our customers and take small orders, which are processed very simply through to our system for printing and shipping.”

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Million products created in the KornitX platform
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Brands producing on-demand
Operating system for on-demand manufacturing

The Global Fulfillment Network is Growing